Calm Inside the Storm – Live Classes

Could you use a little CALM in your life right now?!

Silhouette of a woman sitting and observing a yellow sunset.

Fall Dates Coming Soon.

Are you willing to invest in yourself every day, once or twice a day to find that CALM? To allow that CALM to find you throughout the remainder of your day?

Are you willing to invest in 2  60-minute sessions each week for the 3 weeks online meditation to learn a variety of ways of introducing CALM into your daily routine?

And, are you willing to to invest your valuable time and energy with me?

What to Expect:

  • 2 Live Zoom sessions per week, 3 consecutive weeks.
  • Upon registering you’ll receive confirmation of your enrolment in your inbox. It will also include the Zoom link to your sessions. Check your junk/spam folder.
  • You’ll also receive a “meditation habit tracking” sheet after our first session.
  • A follow-up email after each session direct to your inbox
  • Each session is one hour long and will include the opportunity to ask questions in the last 10 minutes

Testimonial from Erica, a Forward Motion Yoga customer.

Beginner or seasoned meditators welcome.

Twice a week, for 3 weeks, we will meet on a live Zoom call.

Together we’ll find our “CALM In The Storm”. Together we’ll find stillness and silence that rests within. Together we’ll set intentions for calm & inner peace. Together we’ll meditate. And together we’ll learn the importance of:

  • Breath awareness and it’s role on our parasympathetic nervous system. Its role on our wellbeing.
  • Gratitude and the importance of recognizing it NOW more than ever. Seeing and acknowledging what we DO have.
  • Creativity as our birthright…especially in our current situation. What gifts or talents do we posses that may help others NOW? What can we create NOW to not only move us through this life-changing pandemic but also see us through to the other side, creatively and with joy?

Here’s what’s included:

  • 6 Live Zoom calls over 3 weeks
  • A follow-up email overview after each live session
  • Meditation habit tracking sheets to help you create your new daily routine
  • Me – as your resource for questions and comments throughout our time together
  • Weekly group meditations
Can I tell you how much I have loved your sessions?  The timing of this for me was perfect and I’ve really found something that works for me and is in line with a lot of the things I’ve been trying to teach myself – not judging, trying not to control everything, being open to possibilities, and not being so hard on myself!
– Lisa Von Massow

Lesson Overview:

Week 1: Breath Awareness

  • The importance of our own breath, becoming aware of it, it’s benefits, how to slow it down and why we slow it down
  • Simple breath techniques you can do anytime
  • Intention setting
  • Group meditation – mantras and their meaning
  • Homework: Creating your new amazing habit

Week 2: Gratitude

  • The importance of it, becoming aware of it, it’s benefits & why writing it down is key
  • Intention setting
  • Group meditation
  • Gratitude journalling. Best time to record
  • Self care/self love
  • Homework: Creating your new amazing habit

Week 3: Creativity

  • The importance of it, becoming aware of it, its benefits & how stillness & silence can help us tap into it & why
  • Creativity homework
  • Intention setting
  • Group meditation
  • Homework: Creating your new amazing habit
One of the best things I have done for myself ever!
– Jennifer

Who am I, you ask?

I’m Cheryl!

I teach peace through Yoga and Meditation every day.  People tell me I’ve helped them find some CALM through the work I do.

Deepak Chopra taught me a thing or two about meditation and then he certified me as one of his teachers. I’ve been a Chopra Certified Instructor since 2010 and have taught hundreds of people find their CALM through the daily practice of meditation.

I believe now, more than ever, finding stillness & silence is crucial to our wellbeing, and I can help.

Five stones carefully balance on top of one another.

Your Investment in YOU:

In the short time I’ve been practicing meditation, I’ve noticed that I am much more calm during the days.  During this time of social distancing it can be very hectic juggling work and childcare obligations.  Daily meditation has allowed me to carve out a little bit of time for me to take care of myself each day so that I’m better able to take care of the other people in my life who need me.
– Lindsay Crawford

Beginner or seasoned meditators welcome.

Together, inside this storm of uncertainty, we’ll find inner calm, inner peace & inner joy.

And we get to hang out for a few weeks!

Won’t you join me?


I’m so happy to hear that you are working on sharing this wonderful gift with others. Of course I want to play a part in your growth and the wonderful work you are doing. I am team “YES”. May your journey continue to be blessed. 
– Cassandra