Could you use a little CALM in your life right now?!

A Chat with Cheryl

Cheryl:  So, you’ve been hearing now for years that meditation is good for you.  You’ve heard its great at helping calm the body/mind, reducing stress & increasing inner peace. A little calm inside the storm if you will.


You:  Sounds pretty good already!


Studies show, many meditators sleep more soundly.  They’ve claimed enhanced self-awareness leading to an improved self-image & a more positive outlook on life!


OK, I’m listening….


AND, increased creativity.  All of these leading to more joy?!


Seriously?  No way.  Too good to be true.


Perhaps you’ve done quite a bit of reading about the benefits of meditation. You’ve even tried a couple of the meditation apps – felt ok….for a bit….You’ve gone to a meditation class – once.  It was nice.  You liked it. And maybe that’s as far as you got, and that’s ok.


But, what if there was a way to introduce meditation into your life slowly, without leaving your home, without being in a group setting, with access to me, your meditation expert,  via email, and at a very affordable price?

There is! 

This online, pre-recorded version of Calm Inside the Storm developed & taught
in April 2020 because of COVID-19 & the resulting lockdown.

Who am I, you ask?


I’m Cheryl!

I teach peace & human awesomeness through Yoga and Meditation every day.  People tell me I’ve helped them find some CALM through the work I do.  People have also made some very significant life changes after diving a little deeper into themselves through these teachings.


Deepak Chopra taught me a thing or two about meditation and then he certified me as one of his teachers. After several years of LIVE, in person training with Deepak himself in California, I then became a Chopra Certified Instructor in 2010.


Since then I have taught hundreds of people how to find their CALM through the daily practice of meditation.  I would be honoured to guide you.


I believe now, more than ever, finding stillness & silence is crucial to our wellbeing, and I can help.

Are you willing to invest in yourself?

֍  Can you make time for yourself once or twice a day to find that CALM and allow it to find you throughout the remainder of your day?

֍  Will you invest 6 60-minute sessions delivered through online pre-recorded sessions, in the privacy of your own home to learn a variety of ways of introducing CALM into your daily routine?

֍  Are you willing to invest your valuable time and energy in YOU?

YES?   Then you’re ready for Calm Inside the Storm.

At the end of this 6-session pre-recorded program, you will have:

֍ developed the habit of a daily practice of meditation, no devices required

֍  explored and understood the concept of conscious choice making

֍  opened up to everything you’re grateful for

֍  a greater understanding of the power of mantras & why we use them

֍  come to understand limiting beliefs and conditioning and how to shift them

֍  practiced witnessing awareness

֍  a greater understanding of the power of intention setting

֍  tapped into your creative mind, your joy

֍  learned to “STOP” throughout your day to breathe

“I’m taking 3 courses in the evenings towards getting my degree in child development. It is a ton of work, on top of a full time job, but breathing and meditation helps a lot. So, thanks for teaching me this important life skill. I hope to get back to my yoga practice soon. Talk to you soon!”  – Steph M.

Lesson Overview

֍ The importance of our own breath, becoming aware of it, it’s benefits, how to slow it down and why we slow it down

֍ Simple breath techniques you can do anytime

֍ Intention setting

֍ Group meditation – mantras and their meaning

֍ Homework: Creating your new amazing habit

֍ The importance of it, becoming aware of it, it’s benefits & why writing it down is key

֍ Intention setting

֍ Group meditation

֍ Gratitude journalling. Best time to record

֍ Self care/self love

֍ Homework: Creating your new amazing habit

֍ The importance of it, becoming aware of it, its benefits & how stillness & silence can help us tap into it & why

֍ Creativity homework

֍ Intention setting

֍ Group meditation

֍ Homework: Creating your new amazing habit

The Calm Inside the Storm Online program includes:


֍ 6 one-hour sessions – available to you for life

֍ Gentle nudges to keep you on track

֍ Tools to get you on the right track to wholeness & well-being

֍ Easy, enjoyable homework after each session (no exam!!)

֍ Suggested reading from leaders in the field of health, meditation & wellbeing

֍ Sleep tips & breath techniques for a fabulous night’s sleep

֍ Additional free audio downloads

Bonus #1:  

Ask Your Questions!

On Wednesday afternoons, I’ll answer your questions.  Send me an email and I will reply to you directly.

Bonus #2:

2-Weeks unlimited online Yoga for every referral!

Every time you refer a friend to any of our Yoga or meditation programs, you’ll receive a 2-week unlimited virtual Yoga pass. $45 value.  We believe Yoga and meditation go hand in hand for great health and well-being, so LET’S GET EVERYONE MOVING!  Including YOU!  Just refer someone.  They sign up, you receive your gift!  

You Will Need:

֍  Notebook or journal and a pen

֍  Quiet space to sit

֍  A willingess to be present

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Online Pre-recorded Sessions


$159.00 + HST

Online Live Sessions


$259.00 + HST

Winter 2022 dates to be announced soon.

֍  We also offer one-on-one meditation coaching.

Hear what my students have to say!

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Online Pre-recorded Sessions


$159.00 + HST

Online Live Sessions


$259.00 + HST

Winter 2022 dates to be announced soon.

֍  We also offer one-on-one meditation coaching.