Could you use a little CALM in your life right now?!

A Chat with Cheryl

Cheryl:  So, you’ve been hearing now for years that meditation is good for you.  You’ve heard its great at helping calm the body/mind, reducing stress & increasing inner peace. A little calm inside the storm if you will.


You:  Sounds pretty good already!


Studies show, many meditators sleep more soundly.  They’ve claimed enhanced self-awareness leading to an improved self-image & a more positive outlook on life!


OK, I’m listening….


AND, increased creativity.  All of these leading to more joy?!


Seriously?  No way.  Too good to be true.


Perhaps you’ve done quite a bit of reading about the benefits of meditation. You’ve even tried a couple of the meditation apps – felt ok….for a bit….You’ve gone to a meditation class – once.  It was nice.  You liked it. And maybe that’s as far as you got, and that’s ok.


But, what if there was a way to introduce meditation into your life slowly, without leaving your home, without being in a group setting, with access to me, your meditation expert,  via email, and at a very affordable price?

There is! 

This online, pre-recorded version of Calm Inside the Storm developed & taught
in April 2020 because of COVID-19 & the resulting lockdown.

Who am I, you ask?


I’m Cheryl!

I teach peace & human awesomeness through Yoga and Meditation every day.  People tell me I’ve helped them find some CALM through the work I do.  People have also made some very significant life changes after diving a little deeper into themselves through these teachings.


Deepak Chopra taught me a thing or two about meditation and then he certified me as one of his teachers. After several years of LIVE, in person training with Deepak himself in California, I then became a Chopra Certified Instructor in 2010.


Since then I have taught hundreds of people how to find their CALM through the daily practice of meditation.  I would be honoured to guide you.


I believe now, more than ever, finding stillness & silence is crucial to our wellbeing, and I can help.

Are you willing to invest in yourself?

Can you make time for yourself once or twice a day to find that CALM and allow it to find you throughout the remainder of your day?

Will you invest 6 60-minute sessions delivered through online pre-recorded sessions, in the privacy of your own home to learn a variety of ways of introducing CALM into your daily routine?

Are you willing to invest your valuable time and energy in YOU?

YES?   Then you’re ready for Calm Inside the Storm.

At the end of this 6-session pre-recorded program, you will have:

? developed the habit of a daily practice of meditation, no devices required

?  explored and understood the concept of conscious choice making

?  opened up to everything you’re grateful for

?  a greater understanding of the power of mantras & why we use them

?  come to understand limiting beliefs and conditioning and how to shift them

?  practiced witnessing awareness

?  a greater understanding of the power of intention setting

tapped into your creative mind, your joy

learned to “STOP” throughout your day to breathe

“I’m taking 3 courses in the evenings towards getting my degree in child development. It is a ton of work, on top of a full time job, but breathing and meditation helps a lot. So, thanks for teaching me this important life skill. I hope to get back to my yoga practice soon. Talk to you soon!”  – Steph M.

Lesson Overview

? The importance of our own breath, becoming aware of it, it’s benefits, how to slow it down and why we slow it down

? Simple breath techniques you can do anytime

? Intention setting

? Group meditation – mantras and their meaning

? Homework: Creating your new amazing habit

? The importance of it, becoming aware of it, it’s benefits & why writing it down is key

? Intention setting

? Group meditation

? Gratitude journalling. Best time to record

? Self care/self love

? Homework: Creating your new amazing habit

? The importance of it, becoming aware of it, its benefits & how stillness & silence can help us tap into it & why

? Creativity homework

? Intention setting

? Group meditation

? Homework: Creating your new amazing habit

The Calm Inside the Storm Online program includes:


? 6 one-hour sessions – available to you for life

? Gentle nudges to keep you on track

? Tools to get you on the right track to wholeness & well-being

? Easy, enjoyable homework after each session (no exam!!)

? Suggested reading from leaders in the field of health, meditation & wellbeing

? Sleep tips & breath techniques for a fabulous night’s sleep

? Additional free audio downloads


Ask Your Questions!

On Wednesday afternoons, I’ll answer your questions.  Send me an email and I will reply to you directly.

You Will Need:

?  Notebook or journal and a pen

Quiet space to sit

A willingess to be present

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Online Pre-recorded Sessions


$159.00 + HST

Online Live Sessions


$259.00 + HST

Watch for upcoming dates.

We also offer one-on-one meditation coaching.

Hear what my students have to say!

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Online Pre-recorded Sessions


$159.00 + HST

Online Live Sessions


$259.00 + HST

Winter 2022 dates to be announced soon.

We also offer one-on-one meditation coaching.