Moving Forward At Work

Promoting Employee Wellness

We want to help take care of you, in all your roles.

Employee wellness will continue to be huge in 2022, as companies continue to invest in the mental and physical health of their staff and teams.

You can take part in our trial programs this winter, to find out how our programs can help create a more balanced, healthy work environment.

#1.  Employee Wellness

Right now, we’re offering amazing yoga packages for companies who are pro-employee wellness.  Get in touch and sign up for our trial offer now.

We’re accepting 3 companies to start.

Let one of them be yours!

#2.  Breath Breaks

Ask us about our Virtual “Breath Break” sessions.  Get the team involved.  When we all stop and breathe, we’re better equipped for the tasks ahead.

Intrigued?  Great!

Get in touch with Cheryl at (905) 294 1813 or cheryl@forwardmotionyoga.com

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