3 Minutes To Calm

Take 3 Minutes To Calm Your Body/Mind

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Thank you for being here, for deciding to learn how to calm your body/mind during this time of uncertainty.

In the midst of chaos and uncertainty, breathe in calm.

I’ve created a short breath awareness technique that you can download and use to help you find your calm, anytime throughout your day.

By simply practicing this 3-minute exercise 3 times this week (that’s only 9 minutes!), you’ll start to see a real difference in how you feel. The trick is, you have to decide to STOP first! More on that in your download.

Find out what your calm can feel like.

A photo of women laying on the ground, with their feet resting on a pile of logs and rocks, with a stop sign behind the pile.
A testimonial from WL for Forward Motion Yoga.

If you are looking for a deeper dive into meditation and breath awareness technique, you may be interested in my CALM Inside the Storm program, offered as audio downloads.

You may also be interested in my Tips for Deep, Healing Sleep audio download.

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