Yoga Nidra

What is Yoga Nidra? Bliss! It’s a form of guided Meditation.

Yoga Nidra for Health This session will start with a brief conversation about our views of health, illness and the words we use and the actions we take. What is the conversation we are having with ourselves? Are our words translating into our “intentions”, into our actions, into our destiny…our health?

This brief discussion will be followed by a short Meditation for perfect health, followed by a beautiful, very gentle Yoga asana practice. Once in Sivasana, covered up and comfortable, you will be guided into that deep place of rest.

This is truly a gift to yourself. Go ahead – pamper yourself!                  

Yoga Nidra for Peace. This session is all about peace – glorious peace! Not a lot of chit chat at my end….just a little and then a very gentle Yoga practice followed by Yoga Nidra – BLISS!

Eye’s “Zoomed” out?

You can keep your eyes closed for this session!

Guided Meditation for deep relaxation & clarity.
A little restorative practice in a not so restorative time.
Grab your favorite blanket & an eyecloth and come find some inner peace with me.

When:   Tuesday, February 2nd
Time:    7:00pm – 8:15pmish
Who:     Cheryl
Cost:     $20 + hst
Where:  On Zoom! You will receive a link when you sign up


And here is what a few happy students had to say!

“LOVED your class.  Honestly, I felt like I actually DID have a nap when I got up afterwards.  Usually, I nap very badly…..well, no, I fall asleep very fast, but wake up very badly and stumble around like an idiot for a while afterwards.  After class last night, I got up, went downstairs and started work again and I felt great.I’m planning to attend the next one, too.  :)”. CL

“Thanks for the great Yoga Nidra last night. It was fantastic! ” MD

“I loved the Yoga Nidra Session!!!  Had a FANTASTIC SLEEP and feel like a million bucks today.  Thank you.”  SC