One-On-One Meditation Coaching

Our “One-On-One meditation” coaching is designed for those seeking the ability to learn how to meditate in an environment that is a little more personal than a group situation. It’s geared to those who may be on a tighter schedule and would appreciate the shorter amount of teaching time, yet value the individual attention in order to ask questions and be guided. There are 4 sessions in total scheduled over a 4 week period.
The 4 week period is intended to ease meditators into a daily practice. It also allows for a greater time to practice, to ask questions, to learn and contemplate changes they would like to make in their lives. Time will be given to examining our thoughts, the words we use, how we may choose those thoughts/words. Do they serve us? And, how do we set new intentions – intentions for healing, growth, peace etc.
Cheryl will be your coach and guide throughout these weeks, accessible through email and phone calls when and if necessary.

One-On-One meditation coaching
Sessions booked around YOUR schedule.

Session 1

75-90 minute session session together in the studio.
What do you hope to gain? Why meditation for you?
What is meditation?
What are the benefits of a meditation practice?
Breath exercise for calming.
Understanding past conditioning.
Our inner dialogue-cultivating the silent witness,
The Power of intention setting.
Mantras and their meaning.

Session 2

60 minute session
Discussion of experience.
What happens during a meditation practice.
Breath exercise for sleeping.

Session 3

15-30 minutes
Phone appointment (pre-arranged appt.)

Session 4

60 minutes
Discussion of experience.
Other types of meditation.
Follow up information will be sent out after sessions 1, 2 & 4.
This program offers you 21 days of a meditation practice, the number of days to create a new habit!

Sessions are booked around YOUR schedule

This is both a time and financial commitment on your part.  Let’s make sure it’s the right choice for you.  A complimentary 15 minute call is my pleasure.  Please email ahead to book this call.  Course fees & options may be discussed at this time as well.  
Thank you, Cheryl


A few words from our students…

“My meditation has been going as scheduled and I’m doing 15mins now.  It’s helped with relaxing me and allows me to be more in the moment than I’d been able to be previously, and more aware of my anxiety before it gets too bad.  I’ve really noticed that’s it’s all about my breath and being aware of it when I feel the anxiety rising.  The moment I remember to breathe slowly and focus on the feeling of the air going in and out of my body, the feelings of anxiety go down.  Thank you so much” Jason

“Thanks Cheryl for getting us off to a good start on our journey to serenity!” MO

“Not sure it’s the meditation or a combination of it along with time that has gone by but I definitely feel I am on my way to getting back to myself again.  When I think back at the state I was in when I first started with you, I can’t believe the improvement.  Slowly but surely I am healing… and this is only after 4 weeks!  My goal is to heal mentally & physically.  Thank you sooooo much for your help.” GC

“Thank you Cheryl!  It was a pleasure working with you these past couple of weeks and I owe my consistency into this practice to you.  I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you.”  MZ