Course 3: One-On-One Meditation

Our “One-On-One Meditation” coaching is designed for those seeking the ability to learn how to meditate in an environment that is a little more personal than a group situation. It’s geared to those who may be on a tighter schedule and would appreciate the shorter amount of teaching time, yet value the individual attention in order to ask questions and be guided. There are 4 sessions in total scheduled over a 4 week period.

One-On-One Meditation: Sessions booked around YOUR schedule.

Session 1

A one hour session together in the studio.
What do you hope to gain? Why Meditation for you?
What is Meditation?
What are the benefits of a Meditation practice?
Breath exercise.
The Power of Intention setting.
Mantras and their meaning.

Session 2

45 minutes
Discussion of experience.
What happens during a Meditation practice.

Session 3

10 minutes
Phone appointment (pre-arranged appt.)

Session 4

45 minutes
Discussion of experience.
Other types of Meditation.
Follow up information will be sent out after sessions 1,2&4.
This program offers you 21 days of a Meditation practice, the number of days to create a new habit!

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