Course 1: Learn How to Start Meditating

A Course for Women

  • Having trouble sleeping?
  • Feeling a little frazzled?
  • Looking for a little peace and quiet in your day?
  • Ready to make some changes, but just can’t seem to get there?
  • Raise your level of consciousness through the practice of meditation.

Course 1 : Learn How to Start Meditating
Starts Saturday mornings Jan 16th 2016

Our 7-week “Learn How To START Meditating” program is based on the teachings of Dr. Deepak Chopra’s “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success”. I will be your guide as we explore each “Law”, one per week. The hour will consist of viewing clips from the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success DVD, engaging in brief discussions around it’s content, intention setting, followed by a group meditation.

This 7-week session is perfect for those who have always wanted to try Meditation but just didn’t know how or where to start. It is also ideal for those who currently have a regular Meditation practice and would love the opportunity to explore Deepak’s teachings in a little more detail…and enjoy the dynamics of group Meditations.

This course would be amazing for those who have already taken it!  Each group brings a different energy, a different list of questions and new insights! Graduates of Primordial Sound Meditation may find this course helpful in maintaining your daily practice while enjoying the experience of group Meditations.

What is Primordial Sound Meditation?


We’ll talk about that throughout our time together.
I welcome you to come and explore the stillness within in our serene setting with a group of like-minded people.

Weeks 1 – 7 include:

• The Law of Pure Potentiality
• The Law of Giving and Receiving
• The Law of Karma
• The Law of Least Effort
• The Law of Intention & Desire
• The Law of Detachment
• The Law of Dharma

Here’s what people are saying….

“It has actually totally changed my whole outlook and improved my energy in such a short time!!!  Decreased anxiety, great sleeping, and a total awareness of being ‘in the present.’  You are a fantastic teacher.  And thank you for bringing Dr. Deepak Chopra a little closer to home.” 

“Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the meditation course – it really is transformative and I’m so glad that my Karma brought me to your centre!
I want to sign up for the next one!”

“Cheryl’s meditation class is an effortless and enjoyable way to improve your outlook, your energy and your overall quality of life.
The lessons are inspiring and practical, and the meditation practice can quickly become a wonderful addition to your daily routine.” 


Why am I qualified to teach this?

I am very excited to say I have been certified through The Chopra Centre as one of their instructors of Primordial Sound Meditation as developed by Dr. Chopra and his partner Dr. David Simon.  The teachings of “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” as well as “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga” were a large part of our 2-year teacher training. Thanks so much.
Looking forward to sharing some stillness with you.

Call or email for next course schedule and fees.

A photo of Cheryl Ward, Director, Owner, and Instructor at Forward Motion Yoga.

Yoga and meditation!!
"There is nothing more amazing to calm the mind, soothe the body and free the spirit.” says Cheryl Ward E-RYT, Big Cheese, Forward Motion Yoga Studio. "

“Your life is unique. Live in an authentic & extraordinary space.” This was the motto used in Cheryl’s first passion….decorative painting, a faux finishing business which she ran successfully for more than 16 years. She attributes the physical practice of Yoga, and the pranayama (breath work) taught in Yoga for sustaining such a long lasting, very physical career. Cheryl is the Director of the Forward Motion Yoga Studio which opened it’s doors in 2006.

A 21 year practicing Yogini and a 27 year practicing Meditator, I began Yoga and Meditation to invite inner peace as well as heal some physical challenges. I hold the recognized Yoga Alliance North American 200-hour teaching certificate in Ashtanga-Hatha Yoga from Balanced Life Yoga.

Thousands of study hours training with world leaders such as Sean Corne, Monica Voss, Shasta Townsend, Michael Siddall, Jennifer Reis & Leslie Kaminoff enables me to share a wide variety of teachings with my amazing students! From 2009 to present moment, I had/have the absolute pleasure and honour to be trained by Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. David Simon of the Chopra Centre in Carlsbad, California in Primordial Sound Meditation, Ayurveda & Yoga. I hold the recognized Chopra Center Certified Instructor title. Fairly recent studies were through Naomi Nurgitz, Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Mindfulness and Stress Reduction 8 week teachings. And most recently, thorough studies with Bob Proctor of the Proctor Gallagher Institute. Bob has been studying and teaching personal development for more that 57 years! He is a master indeed and I now have the privilege of helping others through his teachings as well as all of the others listed above. Very fortunate!

I attempt to bring in my own unique style, sense of humour, creativity and compassion to each class. I embrace the yogic philosophies, aiding students in finding that “feel good” place within themselves…..hence….

" Your life is unique.
Live in an authentic & extraordinary space".

Cheryl has lived and worked and raised her family here in the community of Markham since the age of 8!

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