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Maureen Patterson

Experience:CYA-certified instructor, and completed her 50-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Certification
My mission as a yoga teacher is to guide others toward finding more ease in their daily lives, by leading joyful, fun, intelligently-designed yoga classes, while embodying unconditional love and connection.

I took my first yoga class at Forward Motion Yoga several years ago. As soon as I started, I was hooked, and started practicing yoga regularly. I was originally looking for a new form of exercise to complement my other physical activities, but as my knowledge and experience with yoga grew, the net of what I was taking away from the classes changed. Yoga reconnected me to my inner self, and also to the joy of of movement directed by breath. Through yoga, I also rediscovered my love of human anatomy, and reveled in the extraordinary sense of calm and inner balance that is achieved when the body is properly aligned. I try to create classes that include elements of fun, with themes that are relevant to and supportive of my students’ lives outside the studio. I firmly believe that yoga can be safe and accessible for all body types and levels of ability – we are all distinct, and in that individuality, we are all glorious.