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Marg Drudge

I believe that ​ THE WAY WE MOVE MATTERS...

That our bodies benefit tremendously from the mindful shapes that they are encouraged into during a yoga practice.

I also know that we love to be challenged - to do ​just a little more, a little faster -​ both on and off the yoga mat.

My invitation is to come to your mat and ​do​ ​less. ​Slow down. Connect with your body & your breath. This may actually be the most challenging yoga practice of all.

Since starting my yoga journey in 2008 - I have explored many styles and teachings of yoga. My mat keeps bringing me back to asana (postures) that nourish and heal...bringing me back to mindful movement​ that respects our bodies.

In addition to a 200 hour yoga teacher training program I have continued to upgrade and enrich my foundational training each year with certificates in: Restorative Yoga Yoga for Healthy Aging Wisdom Warriors

My current personal practice & study includes: vinyasa yoga, meditation, & vagus nerve health.

SO - whether you’re 18 or 88 - somewhere in between or beyond - you are invited to come to your mat Wednesdays & Thursdays to move in a mindful way that matters and nourishes your body & mind.

The LIGHT in me, honours the LIGHT in you – Namaste.