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Kristine Korosec

Kristine Korosec is a RECE as well as Asthanga Trained Yoga Instructor who completed her Yoga Teacher Training at Balanced Life Yoga, as well as a Reiki Level 2 practitioner. She has completed her Fertility Yoga TT, as well as her Curvy Yoga Certification.

She brings a great balance of Asana with connection to Breath to enable her Students to explore their own journey on their Mat. In any stage of life Asana has helped to provide grounding, a familiar path to explore and for Kristine to share with her Students.

Create space in the tempest of modern life. Schedule time for your Yoga mat, to hit the pavement, connect with yourself, and others. Allow the space within your life to bring about peace, connection, and acceptance. Accept daily challenges for what they are, and accept what we need to let go.

A practice that began on a Caribbean island so long ago has taken me far. 25 years later, it helps me to stand tall and strong, in the face of the challenges which lay ahead and behind. Join me on the road ahead. Run, walk, or dance your way, let us catch our breath. Carve out a space for you.

Sat nam (Sanskrit for “I speak the truth”).