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Annetta Vanderveen

In my early 20's, I was fortunate to be introduced to yoga by a dear friend who's mother, Linda Baird, brought her teachings from India to a local community centre.

In my late 30's, I happened upon an Ashtanga/Hatha Teacher Training Program and enrolled - without the intention of actually 'teaching'. To my surprise I found my 'voice'. Now, 10 years later I am humbly grateful to be a part of the Forward Motion Yoga Team.

Why do I teach? Because it makes me happy AND I have a strong passion to share with kindness, compassion and understanding. Recently, I was asked in a class I was taking part in 'Why did I arrive on my mat today?'

The answer was delightfully clear: Because I ALWAYS feel better! This is the message I wish to impress upon ANYONE thinking about starting, revisiting, or continuing a yoga practice. Whether I am guiding my students through a series of fundamental postures, or exploring a whimsical, fun sequence, I encourage a smile and maybe even a full-blown belly laugh.

One final message: Yoga can and will make a difference WHEN YOU PRACTICE!

PS. When I am not in a studio teaching or practicing, you will find me connecting with Nature and my precious feline Simon who loves to spontaneously stretch into Downward and Upward Facing Dog - Or rest for very long periods of time in his favourite pose Savasana ... Ahhhh .... I learn a lot from animal wisdom!

Namaste, Annetta

Why Annetta's students keep coming back....
"I just wanted to share about Annetta’s classes. She is conscious of each of our abilities but encourages us to push ourselves a little farther. She puts new things into our practice to keep the class fresh, which I appreciate! Thank you H.M".