Therapy Balls/Self Massage

Do you suffer from tight or stiff muscles?

Session 1: Upper Body

Are you sitting for more than 2hrs a day? Do you use a cell phone? Have limited shoulder mobility? Chances are you slouch, possibly get headaches, or have upper back tension. Good news, there are tools and movements that can help counteract our behaviours. Join us in this 75min workshop that targets regaining mobility in the upper body, and learn techniques to strengthen muscles to help maintain good posture and improve strength. We use TuneUp Fitness® Balls to manipulate fascia allowing for muscle movement and strengthening.

When:   Saturday, October 29
Time:    9:30 – 10:45 am
Who:     Andrea Gilks
Cost:     $67 + hst (for both sessions)
Where:  6 Wales Ave.

A photo of Andrea Gilks, a trainer at Forward Motion Yoga.

Session 2: Lower Body & Hips

From trying to improve your “game” to reducing knee pain, this 75min lower body workshop is for you. Fascial tension can restrict movement and blood flow to the hips and legs, limiting our movements and potentially causing lower back pain.  You will learn Roll Model techniques using TuneUp Fitness® Balls to manipulate fascia allowing for more muscle mobility.

When:   Saturday, November 5
Time:    9:30 – 10:45 am
Who:     Andrea Gilks
Cost:     $67 + hst (for both sessions)
Where:  6 Wales Ave.

This 2-week workshop must be booked as a package. The cost of the workshop covers both sessions.

Space is limited – only 7 spots available! Book now!

Therapy Balls are extra and a must have – yours to keep.
$22(tax in), cash only upon arrival.

These classes are packed with great techniques that you can practice at home AND we have a ton of fun in the process!

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