Studio Location/Parking/Etiquette

What to bring:

YOU! and your own personal Yoga mat. We have a couple of spares, but best to bring your own. Also, a water bottle and feel free to bring a small personal hand towel for use with props & pillows.

What to wear:

Your favourite Yoga pants/track pants, tank or t-shirt and a jacket or sweatshirt.

What to eat or drink:

Light snack or meal 2 hours prior to your practice. Avoid caffeine and/or too many liquids close to class. Please bring your own water.

Where we are:

Grace Anglican Church, 19 Parkway Ave.

Where to park:

Lots of parking! Come around to the back of the church and enter through those doors. Walk or bike whenever you can! Several trees to lock up a bike.

What to do with personal Items:

All shoes/boots/jackets to be left in the main entrance and all valuables brought upstairs and into the practice room. We ask that all cell phones either be left locked up in the car or set to “airplane” mode.


The Spirit of Yoga embraces the qualities of compassion, awareness and respect. In this attitude of awareness, we ask that you …
• Arrive at least 10-15 minutes before class begins to allow yourself time to settle into your Yoga practice! Classes will start at the time scheduled. The main door will be locked 5 minutes BEFORE the start time. We don’t want you to miss your class.
• Kindly enter the space quietly as there may fellow Yogis already in relax mode.
• If you have to leave class early, please inform the teacher so you may leave before final relaxation.
• Inform your teacher about any injuries or special health conditions before class. This will help the teacher make suggestions to make your practice a safe and enjoyable practice.
• Although we all like a few good laughs, the practice of Yoga is that of an “inward” or quiet practice (mindfulness). Out of respect for your fellow students, we ask that conversation be kept to a minimum during practice. Remember that this hour is for you to unwind, connect with self, breath and leave here feeling amazing! We want to create a space of healing, quiet, relaxation as well as one of friendship.
• Please refrain from wearing perfumes or fragrances as some people may have allergies.
• Our small space is very sensitive to odours created in our own homes, such as smoking, mothballs, cooking onions, fish etc., please be mindful of these odours on clothing and change before class.
• If you’re experiencing any signs of a cold or flu, coughing etc., kindly stay home and get to bed! We love you, not your germs.
• And most importantly!! Leave all your worries and concerns, coats and boots at the front door. Give yourself this gift of inner peace and tranquility. Be kind to your body/mind. Be mindful of the inner dialogue!Thank you so much! Cheryl Ward If you have any questions, please call me, 905 294-1813. Namaste