Ask us about our Workplace Yoga.
Morning and daytime classes to help rejuvenate and energize.

The Workplace Yoga program has been successful in helping employees find stress relief in the convenience of their own offices.
In-house sessions can be tailored to suit your business hours, with Forward Motion Yoga providing the mats, the instructor and the music!
Job stress is a major factor in the use of employee absenteeism.

Workplace stress has been shown to cause backaches, migraines and substance abuse, all of which contribute to poor job performance. Chronic stress can lead to hypertension, depression and susceptibility to other common physical illnesses.
Companies supporting their employee’s health and well-being through stress management and wellness programs, such as yoga, see a dramatic increase in productivity and job satisfaction. An inspired workforce contributes to your bottom line.

Make a change in your life. Make It Yoga!

Extendicare (Canada) Inc.
Workplace Yoga Testimonial
“Cheryl Ward has been leading noon hour classes at our corporate fitness centre in Markham for over a year.
The Wednesday yoga class has become one of the most popular classes on the weekly schedule and the feedback from employees is extremely positive. They all leave the studio with renewed energy. Cheryl’s patience and ability to teach to all levels is a huge benefit to our facility.
The fitness centre staff encourages all members to participate in Cheryl’s Yoga program in order to improve their balance, flexibility and overall well being”.
Luci Hubbard, Fitness Coordinator
Extendicare Canada Inc. Corporate Office

Karma Yoga in the community
Workplace Yoga Testimonial
“I would love to thank you so much for your time, effort and the fascinating Yoga class you gave in our office yesterday for our fundraiser. I received tons of very positive feedback, everyone really enjoyed the class! Some regret that you are not close by their house so they could have registered in your studio. Some who tried Yoga for the first time loved it and decided to continue with it! Really very positive feedback all in all. Thank you again and all the best!”
Abeer J