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Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga – An experience not to miss!
Connecting you with your changing “Goddess” Body and your newfound community.
Pregnancy can be a time of joy and intense love.  It can also be a time of questioning if everything is ok, a time of fear or unrest and maybe even a time of  “what have I got myself into?!” as our bodies change and our bellies grow!
The practice of Yoga, Meditation & Pranayama (breathwork) can help ease our worries, strengthen & honour our bodies and bring us in touch with the changes in a positive way.
The intention of these classes is to teach pregnant women how to use Yoga to help throughout their pregnancy, labour and delivery.   This course will introduce the benefits of meditation and breathing during pregnancy, as well as inform moms-to-be on proper alignment of poses for their changing bodies.  You will also learn about the do’s and don’ts for poses during pregnancy.

ONLY at Forward Motion Yoga, meditation expert, Cheryl Ward, will lead a pregnancy-specific session on Meditation for Pregnancy, Labour and Delivery.

Please consult a physician before practicing yoga during pregnancy.

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6 consecutive classes


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