I had the Forward Motion Experience this morning.  I’m blessed .  You have created an amazing space and energy for yoga.  Thank you.MD


Cheryl  – today’s class was amazing.  I’m floating! I. Smith


I am writing in red.  You make me feel like I am glowing.SA Robinson


Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed these fall sessions.  I’ve learned quite a lot about my own body and how yoga can help with the aches and pains.KT


I’ve just come back from Yoga and just want to say how much I love it.  I feel more comfortable in my body as well as feeling refreshed and ready to take on whatever comes my way .  Thanks to you for having such a wonderful studio.Helen M.


…above and beyond of what I expected!Debbie B


I was too tired to get to yoga at 8:25pm.  I pushed myself to go and it truly made all the difference .
Its not just about moving around physically.
It’s not just about being in a calm space.
Its about the breathing and the settling of the mind and the visualizing what I want and need in my head and my heart.  Ahhhh. there is such a physiological change in me from head to toe.  It’s not that I stopped being concerned and busy but it was a calming, a rebooting, a warm blanket around my head and heart. JM


Cheryl, I just must tell you that being back with you in your yoga cocoon is so life giving for me.  Today when you helped me continue in the class by modifying my position almost brought me to tears (I’ve been working very hard to recover and doing exceptionally well but you allowed me to slow down and not push which was exactly what I needed and didn’t feel like a failure).  So thank you …deeply.NL


My body is singing with joy at the nourishment, my mind is present, my heart is bursting.ME


Dear Cheryl, thank you so very much for all that you have done to help me!  Your Yoga classes & Meditation class have had an enormous impact on my life!!!Barb M


Thanks so much for making this work Cheryl. I don’t know any other yoga studio that would be so accommodating and helpful!ES