Unlimited Yoga for Frontline Workers

Coronavirus doctor touching family hand through a glass window

Thank you for working so hard to keep us all safe.

We want to help you find some calm and relief by offering you unlimited yoga with us.  Beginners are welcome.

Here’s how to register:

  1. Go to our registration site and choose “Register”
  2. Complete and submit the form and select “Buy Pass”
  3. Choose “RollOutYourMatatHome” for $45.00 and “Add to Cart” (don’t worry – your promo code will make this free)
  4. Scroll down the right side of the page to add your discount code from your poster/flyer to make the course free.   The discount code shows up between the “Amount” and the “Checkout” option.
  5. Click the green “checkmark”
  6. Proceed to Checkout!

If you don’t see your confirmation email after you complete the checkout, check your spam/junk folders.  (Sometimes the confirmations from our registration system end up there.)

Once you have the pass, you can visit our schedule page and choose the classes and times that work for you.

We also teach meditation!


Our newest program, Calm Inside the Storm teaches you how to cultivate a daily practice of meditation, slowly weaving into your life. Join us for 6 sessions over 3 weeks; next session dates coming soon.  Find out more.

If you need a quick break, you can download our free 3 Minutes to Calm.  It’s a short, breath-awareness exercise to help you find a quick moment of peace and stillness.